Medical Breakthroughs: New Insulin Pump

People with Diabetes can now try one of the country's first types of "insulin pumps." The new pump is designed to "think" for itself.

After checking blood sugar with a tester, the new generation pump nearby picks up a wireless electronic signal and automatically calculates through it's own computer exactly how much insulin is needed...and then, with the user's approval, delivers it through this patch into his arm.

Once programmed, the pump remembers a person's glucose levels, their sensitivity to insulin, and their insulin into carbohydrate rations.

The pump is able to respond accordingly to intense activity, or high carbohydrate diets. The pump's reservoir needs refilling about every three days.

A significant advance also, the pump's big brother, now in clinical trials, can be implanted under the skin and monitor blood sugar levels internally and automatically 288 times a day.