Ricky's Medical and Behavioral History Questioned on Day Three of Trial

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Day three of Lisa Holland's murder trial began with testimony from the man who reviewed and investigated insurance claims for Ricky's doctor visits and medications.

Lisa Holland is the Williamston woman accused of abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky.

According to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Employee Andy Palmer, the last doctor visit billed through the Holland's insurance was one year before Ricky died. His prescriptions continued to be filled a number of times.

A Foote Hospital employee who had done behavioral testing on Ricky took the stand, second on Wednesday. Zandra Gallaway says the little boy was eager to please Lisa and on more than one occasion he asked, "Can you tell Momma I did a good job?"

Ricky's former Jackson Headstart Teacher, Barb Patrick took the stand last Wednesday. Patrick taught Ricky from January to May 2001 and said he acted like all of the other kids in class until he started acting out in March. That's when he began visits with his biological mother, says Patrick and that's when he began throwing chairs, hitting adults, children and crying.

Patrick knew about Ricky's behavioral testing and says Lisa even spoke to her about concerns with a report done by his doctor. According to Lisa, Ricky was tricking the doctor and Lisa wanted the numbers of other doctors who may want to work with him, says Patrick.