Abbott Road Debate

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During six months of discussion, the city of East Lansing and the Ingham County Road Commission have been unable to decide how best to handle the section of Abbott Road that extends from Lake Lansing Road to the Ingham County line.

Both agree that some improvements need to be made to the road. The road commission says it needs to be resurfaced and have other general maintenance. But the city says the road needs a major overhaul, including adding more lanes, wider shoulders, and better guardrails.

The improvements to the road were prompted by increased traffic to new apartment complexes, and anticipated traffic to a new shopping center. The stretch of road is under the county's jurisdiction, but the ICRC wants to give it to the city. The city says it won't take the road until it's been fixed.

Cost estimates for the project vary, depending on the extent of the improvements. The road commission says it could be resurfaced for as little as $50,000. While the city says it needs upwards of $1.6 million for construction.

There has been public concern about the road. Pedestrians and bikers are forced to share a narrow shoulder with traffic going 45 miles an hour. The city of East Lansing is planning to extend the sidewalk up to the Chandler's Crossing apartment complex.