GM/Ford Alliance?

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Before Automotive News published the story that's turned so many car industry heads, they published an editorial by executive editor Edward Lapham suggesting a marriage between the two giants of Detroit.

He says, despite all the trouble it would cause, GM and Ford would be irresponsible not to consider all their options.

"Do they need to hook up, no," Lapham says. "I don't think they need to hook up."

He says they owe their investors the conversation they've now apparently had because even without a merger, cooperation would be good for both.

Spokespeople for both GM and Ford won't comment, saying if they responded to reports like Automotive News', they'd be responding all the time. It's important to note Automotive News says they were talking, and are not talking any more.

"I think they'll have another conversation," Lapham says, but calls this alliance unlikely in the end. Still, he says mergers will be happening in the auto industry in the coming years, and this is evidence The Big Three know something must be done

"They actually called the other guy--their hated cross-town rival--and said, Hey, we could help each other out."