Witnesses Take the Stand in Lisa Holland Trial

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Three witnesses took the stand after opening statements in the Lisa Holland murder trial. She's the Williamston woman accused of murdering her seven year old adopted son Ricky.

Chief Deputy Vicki Harrison, with the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, took the stand first speaking about the search for Ricky. Second on the stand was a man who cleaned Ricky's room soon after he was reported missing. He says he saw blood on the baseboards and on a piece of clothing and alerted police. A deputy who met with the Holland's soon after they reported their adopted son missing took the stand last.

Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Ferency is still deciding what witnesses to call to the stand during the next couple of days, but Ricky's former first grade teacher from Jackson is expected to take the stand Tuesday afternoon.

During opening statements Monday morning, Ferency said he will present 10 strands of evidence which will tie everything together. Lisa Holland's co-counsel Mike Nichols portrayed a happy mother and wife who was dealing with a troubled husband. Nichols says Tim wasn't happy in their marriage and was soliciting other partners online. He says all hell broke loose the day Ricky died.