Finding Spinach

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For diners headed to the Stillwater Grill in Okemos hoping to munch on some spinach, don't count on the usual six menu items containing the leafy greens. Because manager Damian Sloan says the options have dwindled down to one.

"The only thing we're serving that really has spinach in it is our spinach and artichoke dip. That's because we were informed the frozen spinach was alright."

Last Thursday the FDA released a warning to consumers about an E. coli outbreak believed to be associated with raw, pre-packaged spinach.

"The first time we heard about it we took everything off the shelf. We don't want to risk it. We don't want something to happen to get a bunch of people sick."

So even salads with a fresh spring mix that included the vegetable have now been replaced with either romaine or iceberg lettuce.

"Our guests have been really understanding so far, and like us they really don't want to take the risk."

"Canned spinach is a different story. Frozen spinach is a different story. But what we're most concerned about is fresh, bagged spinach."

T.J. Bucholz of the Michigan Department of Community Health confirms four of the 109 E. coli cases have been in state.

"In Michigan all of our cases occurred so far between August 25 and September 3. That's when all of our victims saw the onset of the illness. But that doesn't necessarily mean there could not be new cases of E. coli."

So until then it's probably best to eliminate spinach from your diet. Although even if you wanted it, it's not going to be easy to find.