Holland Jury Details

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Both prosecution and defense whittled a pool of 265 down to 16. 203 potential jurors questioned in all.

The questions aimed to find out what they know about the well-publicized murder of Ricky Holland and what biases they may bring to the jury box.

"What I saw was a group of people with life experience," says asst. prosecutor Mike Ferency. He says he couldn't ask for a better panel.

The jury is 11 men and five women. It includes a teacher, a man who works in fast food, a mother of three, and several employees of MSU.

Lisa Holland's attorney Mike Nichols is satisfied that it's a jury of Lisa Holland's peers. Both sides call it fair, and a representative mix of people who may know about the case, but pledge now to put what they know aside.

As they left court on Thursday, the judge reminded the jurors they are not to read the paper or watch the news. They've now sworn not to discuss the case outside of court, and to do their best to find justice in a trial that may take four to 6 weeks.