Road Construction Hurts Businesses

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Randy Markham, owner of the Sunoco gas station on Dunkle Road says since the improvement project started there several weeks ago, his business has dropped off 50-percent. The cost of the project is $1.5 million, but Markham says he doesn't think it's fair it should cost him half his business. So now, he's using incentives to bring back lost customers. Those filling up at the station get five cents off per gallon. Markham says the sale helps, but business isn't where it once was.

Managers at Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse say sales have dropped off there since road construction began on Cedar Street. Traffic delays, bumpy roads, dust and noise all combine to keep some customers away.

The city of Lansing says both road projects should be completed by Sept. 1. And officials say the city does what it can to facilitate traffic and access to stores during construction. Driveways are kept open, and crews keep as many lanes of traffic moving as possible.