Job Market Improves for Fall

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Get your resumes ready; it's hiring time. That's according to a survey by local think tank Manpower. The report shows 30 percent of the Lansing-area companies interviewed are hiring this quarter. That's up almost 50 percent from last quarter. Insurance company Accident Fund is one of them.

"We anticipate that we'll continue hiring at a pretty rapid rate for the rest of 2006. So that may mean, for us, another 40-50 employees," said Accident Fund communications advisor Bob Metzger.

Most of the hiring will come in the manufacturing, retail, technology and insurance industries. Tim Daman of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce says a boost in hiring is typical for the fall.

"I think you see that anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, you see a bump up with retailers and what not, anticipating and looking forward to the holiday season," he said.

The report wasn't totally rosy. More than 10 percent of employers interviewed say they're planning on sizing down their staffs this fall. But Daman says Lansing's employment rates look good regardless.

"We're hearing from the business community a very positive outlook for the upcoming year and towards the local economy," Daman said. "And we anticipate continuing to see some strong growth in some of our other areas."

Accident Fund's Metzger agreed.

"It's our expectation that by the year 2010, we'll have more than one thousand employees in the mid-Michigan area."

And more jobs is certainly good news for Michigan's economy.