DeVos and China

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The governor claims her opponent invested there, shafting Michigan. DeVos says he did what was good for business, and thereby for Michigan as well.

The newest Granholm ad says DeVos admits to creating jobs in China, and laying off workers in Michigan. The DeVos camp says it is unfair, and untrue to link those two things together. They claim layoffs in Michigan at Devos' Ada-based Alticor happened after the company invested in China, and that the China investment was in fact a good thing.

"If the governor thinks companies shouldn't compete internationally then that's a pretty dangerous signal to send for people who want to create jobs here," says John Truscott, spokesman for "DeVos for Governor."

Granholm's campaign spokesman Chris DeWitt counters, "Dick DeVos is running on his record as a Michigan businessman. As part of his record as a Michigan businessman, he laid off Michigan workers. He made a major investment in China and created jobs in China."

In total, the campaigns have spent $33 million. That's the most in the history of Michigan's governors' campaigns.