Worst Winter Ever?

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There's no doubt about it, this winter has hit us hard, whether it's the temperatures, the breeze, or the snowfall, it's got a lot of people trying to remember the last time a winter has been this bad.

"I mean this winter is what I remember winters being like when we were kids," Bill Johnson of Lansing says.

And a lot of folks are coming up with never as the answer

"It's the worst one I've seen in a while," Zoey Lyons says.

But that's not the case says State Archivist, Mark Harvey.

"Have we gotten a lot of snow this year? Absolutely. But I would by no means say it was the worst ever," Harvey says.

Pictures show the worst winter ever according to Harvey and this year is only moderate in comparison.

"Winters aren't like they were a long time ago. The blizzard of 77/78 stuck out in my mind. Snow drifts came up to the windows. I think that was particularly bad because of all the drifting," Harvey says.

And while the thought of more snow sickens a lot of us...

"I'd like for there to be an early spring," Lyons says.

There may be just a tiny ounce of satisfaction in knowing it's been a lot worse.