Outsiders on School Grounds

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One day after a fight brought cops and an ambulance to their school grounds, News 10 visited Everett High School to find several non-students, milling around.

They claimed they were visiting friends. "I ain't causing trouble," Sean Owns, a former student told us.

The Lansing School district's Director of Public Safety says separating the good eggs from the bad is the challenge of policing outsiders on campus. Their preliminary investigation into a fight that happened Wednesday, shows the instigator came with trouble on his mind.

"If you don't have any legitimate business with the district, as this man didn't," Maatman says, "they are subject to trespass laws. It was unfortunate that someone from the outside came in."

Though unfortunate, it has happened before. A non-student, Jeremy Lee, was arrested for beating a 16-year-old at Eastern High School in September, 2004. In March 2005, a melee at Sexton High School involved several students who were, at the time, suspended.

There are surveillance cameras on campus, but the most important weapon, Maatman says, is the people. "Once school gets going, our officers, our staff. They'll know who belongs."

Those people, he says, set the right tone by arresting the alleged offenders at Everett on Wednesday. The message: No trespassing, during or after school.