Sex Ed for Parents

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Steve Surtman has a nine year old daughter going into fouth grade. He was concerned she would be getting the same sex education as 10th graders.

Instructor Kristy Seibold says that's the most common concern she gets from parents. But, the program is different from fourth to fifth to sixth on up to tenth graders.

The class session for parents also gives them tips on how to talk to their kids about sex. Including, practicing what you would say to your child with another adult.

Surtman says he now has a better idea of what questions his daughter may have... and he will be able to better prepare for those questions.

If a parent does not want their child to take part in the sex ed courses, they can fill out an exemption form through the district administration offices.

The next public meeting for parents to learn about the sex ed their kids will be taught is Monday at Everett High School.

6:00 pm for 4th through 6th grades
7:30 pm for 7th through 10th grades