People With Arrest Warrants are Getting a Break

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The Lansing Police Department and the Lansing 54-A District Court are offering a one-week amnesty to people with outstanding arrest warrants.

The court will waive bench warrant costs and contempt of court fees for people who turn themselves into the police during the week of July 14, 2003.

Nearly 7,000 people in the Lansing area have outstanding arrest warrants. Some are wanted for littering and passed due traffic tickets. Others are wanted for open alcohol violations. Regardless of the warrant, police say some of these people may have incurred more than one hundred dollars in fines as a result of missing a court date or failing to pay a ticket.

The fines associated with bench warrants and contempt of court violations will be waived, but defendants are still required to pay for whatever they were originally charged before they incurred delinquent fines. Defendants will also be required to pay any late fees.

Defendants can turn themselves in on the sixth floor of the Lansing Police Department headquarters at 120 W. Michigan Avenue.

Beginning July 19th, police say they'll hit the streets to track down and arrest any people who didn't turn themselves in during the week of July 14 to July 18.