Lisa Holland's Lawyer Says Tim's Testimony Won't Affect Their Case

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Lisa Holland's trial is scheduled to begin next Monday, but it could be pushed back at least one week because of Tim's guilty plea. One of Lisa's lawyers says Tuesday's testimony will not affect how her team prepares for trial.

Mike Nichols, Lisa's co-counsel, says Lisa has asserted her innocence and it's up to the jurors to judge Tim's credibility. The prosecution agrees his credibility is key, but admits his guilty plea does change their case.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III says it adds another element to trial and to presentation that one week ago they didn't think they'd have.

Meantime, Lisa's lawyers push forward preparing for trial. Nichols adds Lisa has not changed her side of the story alluding to Tim's recent talk of new reports of abuse and new details about the day their adopted son Ricky died.