Changes in Store for the Lansing School District?

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Tuesday is the first day of school for most districts around the state. For mid-Michigan's largest school district there will be some changes, but the biggest may come the following year.

In her own words, in Sunday's Lansing State Journal, Dr. E. Sharon Banks wrote an article "setting the record straight" she says about potential changes.

She wrote, "While no schedule changes will be implemented for the current school year, 2006-07 is likely to be the last in which high school begins at roughly 8 a.m., ends at approximately 3 p.m. and includes a 55-minute open lunch period."

Parent Kelly Proper was disappointed when she read the article. Proper says she's been openly supported closed campus lunches for years, and the change, while maybe not perfect, should be made now.

This will be Dr. Banks' last year with the district and Proper worries the new superintendent may not be willing to make the change.