Bruce Family Thankful, Waiting for Answers

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"We're just numb. It's been a long week."

For the family of Jeffrey and Grant Bruce, it's been seven days of waiting.

"Everybody's surprised that they're not surfaced yet. They should have been up a couple of days ago," Randy Bruce, Jeffrey's brother, said.

It's possible they haven't turned up because of pockets of cold water in lake, the family says. And while they're waiting for some sign, they know that discovery can only be bittersweet.

"I think we've all accepted that they're gone," Randy Bruce said.

While the family waits, the search continues with divers in the water, surveillence from the air, and ordinary folks pitching in.

"You've never seen such an outreach in your life," Wally Bruce, Jeffrey's father, said.

An outpouring of support from complete strangers: people living near the lake, others nearby, some who just heard about their story.

Help also came friends, coworkers and neighbors. And people like Gary Ridenour. He's been out on his boat five days straight looking for Jeffrey Bruce -- a man he met back in junior high.

"We just look over the edge. We run slow and look everywhere we can," Ridenour said.

Looking for some trace of three-year-old Grant Bruce and his dad Jeffrey, the man his mother calls her gentle giant.

"We'd still like to know if someone saw Jeffrey that night. We still have no idea what happened," Myra Bruce said.

As time passes, the likelihood that the family won't ever have an answer to that question grows. A possibility some in the family are slowly growing to accept.

"He loved to fish. Him and Grant died doing what they loved to do. And it just may be, this is where they'll rest in peace," Johanna Bruce, Jeffrey's sister, said.