Pink Eye

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Turning on the water and washing your hands is the best way to prevent pink eye, a common illness often found in young kids.

"It can spread from person to person, from eye to hand, hand to hand, hand to eye."

According to Dr. John Wycoff, pink eye is basically a cold in your eye. So it's extremely contagious. If a person sneezes or coughs and the bacteria or virus gets on your hand and you touch your eye, you probably now have pink eye.

"The eye can have a scratchy sensation. It can be painful. You can have drainage, often times a goopy drainage. Your eyelids will actually be almost glued shut in the morning."

And school-aged children are usually prone to the illness because they are in close contact with one another. They read the same books, use the same pens and pencils, play with the same toys, all that could be infected.

"The number one thing you can do or your child can do to reduce the risk of acquiring pink eye or spreading pink eye is good old soap and water, wash your hands."

But if pink eye does appear, Dr. Wycoff says to keep your eye clean, wash your hands and try not to rub or irritate the eyes.