Teaching Teachers

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Their students are still at home, but local teachers are back in the classroom doing some learning themselves.

The state requires professional development for all teachers each year. Wednesday, a packed house heard an education expert at the Wharton Center as part of that development.

Dr. Harry Wong spoke about inspiring kids.

"Every day," said Superintendent Dr. E. Sharon Banks, "parents send us the best student they can." Teachers, she says, should meet them halfway.

Lansing, East Lansing, Haslett, Waverly, Okemos, and Ingham ISD educators were all present to hear Dr. Wong.

All districts are also having meetings and seminar in the next few days to share ideas, get the classrooms ready, and yes, get excited for the real work, teaching kids.

"You gotta have buses running, and make sure people are paid, but we're all here for one reason, and the reason we're here is children," Stan Kogut, Ingham ISD superintendent, said.