Governor Debates

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The DeVos campaign has not accepted a series of three TV debates as Governor Granholm has suggested calling the invitation a "political stunt."

Last week Governor Jennifer Granholm agreed to three televised debates with her GOP opponent Dick DeVos but the DeVos campaign has not signed off saying the way in which the offer was presented was a "political stunt, unprofessional and unbusiness-like."

DeVos campaign manger Greg McNeilly says the governor's behavior has placed the debates in jeopardy. The Granholm camp says it is "surprised" at the reaction from the other side and it wonders if Devos wants to get into the debate ring with the incumbent.

DeVos tells News 10 he wants to debate and in the end he believes there will be a meeting of the two but viewers may not know that for sure until after both sides meet on September 5 to iron out their obvious differences.