At-Home Drug Testing

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For any parent who's ever worried their child is doing drugs, a quick effective detection method is the first step in fixing a potential problem. Starting Tuesday, the Lansing Police Department will be giving away at-home drug testing kits, to help parents answer that question.

The at-home testing will be free for the next month. LPD says the kits will provide parents with a private way to test their child. The kits are available at the station. The tests work with a urine sample, testing for several different drugs. Alcohol testing kits are also available.

Sgt. Linda Wright is spear-heading the project. She says she's contacted weekly by worried parents. She says the kits could help parents keep their child out of the court system, by identifying a potential problem. And allowing parents to find a solution.

Drug Abuse counselors say the program is a positive step. But, they say tests should be made only if parents feel there is cause. And if the results are positive, it should be the start of a very serious conversation.

Along with the kits, LPD is providing a list of area drug treatment facilities. The test will be free for a month. After that, a single test is $3.