E.L.P.D. Wraps Up Busy Weekend

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The students are back -- throngs of them walking and driving through downtown East Lansing and the surrounding area. Some hopping from house to house, or bar to bar.

This weekend, they found plenty of officers in their path -- trying to keep the students in line.

"Open alcohol, minors in possession, fights, loud noise complaints, loud parties," East Lansing Police Lt. Joseph Hinz said. He was on the beat for part of the weekend.

A busy few days -- the three busiest days of the year in fact -- for Hinz and roughly 29 other East Lansing police officers on the streets during the weekend.

"Typically on a Friday or Saturday night we wuold have more around eight to 10," Hinz said.

Add those officers to mounted deputies from Ingham County and as a couple of officers from Michigan State Police and the result is a downtown East Lansing saturated with law enforcement presence.

Those officers kept East Lansing's jail busy. Hinz says he found 24 people locked up when he arrived for his shift Sunday morning.

Although the final arrest numbers aren't in, Hinz says he doesn't expect to see much difference in the numbers this year versus last year.

"I would say it's very similar to past years in terms of the various activity and how busy it was."