Katrina Volunteers

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About eight months ago Marnie Hade and more than 100 student volunteers from Jackson made their first trip down to the gulfcoast. Six months after that they made their second trip. And she's planning another in December.

"It's a need, and there's no question about it. I can't imagine not doing it. It's just something that makes perfect sense. People need help."

Cheval Briggins of St. Vincent Catholic Charities helped relocate 131 people from the gulfcoast to Mid-Michigan. A year later about 50 have stayed. And his organization plans to be there for them.

"I think this is still going to be a long term project no matter what. It's an endeavor for each evacuee no matter where they live, whether or not it's here in Mid-Michigan.

The year anniversary of Katrina is August 29th.