Asbestos in Holt Follow-Up

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As workers clear out Holt Jr. High School and Dimondale Elementary school of asbestos, the Dept. of Consumer Industry Services is trying to find out if the cancer-causing minerals are in any more of the district's buildings.

"That's part of our investigation: to look into the initial plan what it is based on and what they found," Martha Yoder, Bureau of Safety & Regulation.

The Holt Public School District will not name which engineering firm was hired to inspect the buildings in 1988, but they have a plan in place should further investigations find the substance in other schools.

"We do have asbestos in our older buildings. Sometimes we encapsulate it, but we've chosen to remove it," Scott Szpara, Holt Public Schools.

As the Dept. of Consumer Industry Services continues to investigate the engineering company, they'll be looking into the possibility of any wrongdoing.

"It's a matter to see what exactly was analyzed but they should check all that to see if it was identified," John Peck, Consumer Industry Services.

"Based on that report, they indicated that they may put fines against the engineering firm and not us," said Szpara.

Asbestos only becomes a health hazard if fibers separate, become airborne and are inhaled. If people inhale them, they become susceptible to asbestos-related illnesses, including cancer. If the asbestos materials remain intact, it should not pose a health risk.