Asbestos in Holt Public Schools

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Holt School District administrators will have to cough up approximately $400,000 to clean up asbestos at its junior high school. According to Assistant Superintendent Scott Szpara, an engineering firm hired in 1988 to inspect the 19-year old building did not find the cancer-causing group of minerals in the school, but this year, an anonymous caller who may have been on the renovation team to the prepare the school to house 9th graders and district administrators this fall, called the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act with a different story:

The anonymous caller told MIOSHA asbestos may be in the school's pipe wrap, but an investigation found asbestos was in the school's ceiling. School district officials say now they're trying to ensure everyone's safety.

"We had several workers that were exposed to the dust and we told them they could get health screening and consolations with doctors at our cost," Scott Szpara, Holt Public Schools.

But just as important, district representatives are notifying parents of students at Holt Jr. High.

"There is no reason to believe the students were in any danger," said Szpara.

The asbestos cleaning and cleanup should be complete by July 7th, which may delay the renovations to the school. If the renovations aren't finished by the start of the school year on Sept. 2, the 9th grade will attend classes across the street at the new high school, while school board officials will remain at their current building until construction is complete.

The district hopes the engineering firm will cover the cost of the clean up.