Diet Soda: Is it Making You Fat?

If you're cutting calories, diet soda is probably part of your life. But are you one of the many Americans who have heard the rumor that diet soda can actually make you feel hungrier and causing you to overeat?

The debate and research has been ongoing for years. Dieticians say that what we've seen is a couple of comparisons that people who are overweight are using diet drinks so, could the diet drink be causing them to be overweight? It's probably more the reverse that people who are overweight take steps to try and change their calories.

In a 10-week study, Danish researchers found people who drink sugared sodas gained about three pounds while diet soda drinkers lost nearly two pounds.

There's no proof that drinking diet sodas makes you feel hungrier. But if cutting calories to lose weight is your goal, diet drinks could help you get there.

Dietitians say if you use diet soda in place of sugared soda, you're consuming less calories and you're more likely to lose weight.

Some doctors say water with lemon or a drink like V-8 would be an even better choice than diet soda.