How Parents Can Get Their Babies to Sleep

You've heard the expression "I slept like a baby" usually after a really good night's sleep, but parents know that most nights are not that peaceful.

Between four and six months of ages for a baby it's time to establish some routines, but there are some general guidelines. First, identify your child's sleep patterns, and then accommodate them.

If you have an early riser you have an early riser you can't avoid that but you can avoid bedtime battles. The key is, never put your baby to bed when they're totally asleep. If you rock a child to sleep and they're totally out, when they wake up in the middle of the night, they'll wonder where's my mom and they'll cry.

So put your baby down when he's awake or drowsy. He will learn to fall asleep on his own and eventually sleep through the night. If your having trouble getting your child to sleep at night try the Ferber Method, where you put your baby down, let him cry for ten minutes, then go comfort him.

The next night wait 12 minutes, using this method, it rarely takes more than two nights for a baby to learn to cope and fall asleep on his own.