Arson Damages Playground Benches

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It used to be home base during tag. It was a great hiding place for hide and seek, and sometimes, kids watched puppet shows from the benches at Eaton Rapids' playground of dreams.

But now the benches are blocked off by yellow crime tape, and investigators are trying to determine who set fire to the community playground where hundreds of children play.

Neighbors say 3,000 community members joined together in 1997 to construct the 10,000 sq. ft. playground. They say it took five days to build the $100 thousand play area, and though the fire has only caused $2,000 in damages, the people who helped build it are upset.

Now investigators need help tracking down the people responsible for the damage. Anyone with information should call the Eaton Rapids Police. The number is 517-663-8118 ext. 8136.