F.C.C. Rules Could Put State Journal in Merger Mode

The Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C. relaxed its rules on television ownership. One of those governing laws could allow the Lansing State Journal to merge or purchase a local television affiliate in Lansing.

Michigan State University Telecommunications Professor, Steve Wildman, says it's likely The Lansing State Journal would merge with one of the top four local TV stations.

News 10 contacted the Journal; a representative was unavailable for comment.

Also possible said Wildman, is a special exception to one of the rules allowing one of the top four local TV stations in Lansing to merge.

The top candidate said Wildman is the UPN affiliate.

UPN in Lansing was unavailable for comment.

The most recent F.C.C. ruling is not set in stone, however, as it could go to a court of appeals in Washington D.C.