Animal Cruelty

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Montcalm County authorities are looking into an incident of animal cruelty. Debo, a nine-year-old black and white cat, was shot twice with a crossbow Friday. Vets at Riverfront Animal Hospital removed two arrows from his head and neck Monday.

Jamie Muniz says she found Debo on her front porch. Unable to pay for vet bills, she turned him over to Cat Tail Farms Feline Sanctuary in Perry. Owner Roger Hodyka sought treatment for Debo. He lost his left eye where an arrow exited, but vets expect him to recover. Debo could be home as soon as Friday.

Muniz says this isn't the first incident like this in her Stanton neighborhood. Last week, her other cat Blanca, was found dead in her flower garden. At the time, it didn't seem suspicious. Now, she's wondering. She says neighbors have told of similar situations, and several neighborhood dogs died suddenly in the past.

Police are looking in the area for information.