Some Soldiers Still Not Home

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Carmen Sabatini's two army captain sons are still in Iraq. Jeff Sabatini is in Baghdad. Mike is North of there. And as Carmen sorts through emails from his soldier sons, he wishes they were home.

According to Carmen, his son Mike was due to retire from the army on May 6. He has served a combined nine years of reserve and active duty, and though his retirement has come and gone, he's still stationed in Iraq.

Jeff Sabatini is starting his ninth month overseas and has had a difficult time getting answers. According to Carmen, Jeff has no idea when he's coming home, and it's likely he'll be redeployed.

Army officials in Washington say the "stop loss" procedure, which allows the army to retain soldiers beyond after their time of duty is complete was lifted for retiring soldiers on May 27, 2003. That means soldiers like Mike will soon be coming home.

Carmen says no matter how long it takes for both his sons to return home, he just wants an exact date of when to expect them.