Major Pot Bust in Jackson County

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"There's a lot of movement along I-94."

In the last two years, nearly a dozen drug busts along the highway, this time Michigan State Police officers nabbed nearly 100 pounds of pot.

"I observed a tractor-trailer with a length violation as well as an equipment violation," said MSP Officer Brett Black. "We stopped the vehicle for that violation."

And when the driver refused to cooperate, police ran his name and learned he had an outstanding child support warrant in Wayne County. The 38-year-old Detroit man then refused arrest forcing police to search his truck.

"We located approximately 100 pounds of high grade marijuana."

The pot was stashed in eight buckets underneath the sleeper in the cab. It's street value? An estimated $400,000.

"We've had some major drug hauls on I-94 and this is an example of that," said Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Blumer.

It's just the latest in a slue of drug busts on I-94 in what has become a hot spot for drug trafficking. In January 2007, 99 kilos of cocaine were found on a traffic stop...a street value of $2.5 million.

Then in April of that year, 130 pounds of pot were seized. Months later in November a half ton of pot, one of the largest busts in Jackson county.

"There's a lot of activity and you figure we're only catching the tip of the iceberg."

But every little bit counts, Blumer says. And as long as drugs are being shipped from Chicago to Detroit along I-94, the cops will be waiting.

"Our county is dedicated to prosecuting these big cases."

Police believe this pot was on its way to Detroit from California.

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