East Lansing Expects Economic Boost

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Things are sizzling and heating up behind the scenes at the Rice Kitchen in downtown East Lansing. Because MSU students are beginning to make their way back after summer vacation, businesses are excited about increased sales.

Masaki Takahashi of the Rice Kitchen says, "The bar rush is probably one of our busiest nights. It's just crazy on a Sunday because the dorm cafeterias are closed."

With the first day of classes starting in about a week, students, both new and old, are flooding Michigan State's campus. And stores and restuarants have been eagerly awaiting what's called the university economy.

Jim van Ravensway, Director of Planning and Community Development for East Lansing says, "It's not just the students. It's the faculty. MSU's back at full employment. People who were gone for the summer because the university tends to shut down, they're all back."

According to van Ravensway, the entire university related economy slows down every year during the summer. But once fall semester hits, there's a boom.

"The events on campus begin. So all the visitors begin coming to the university. So it's just a huge economic impact businesses feel across the board."

And one owners don't mind. Because a fountain of financial profits lies ahead.