Woman Detained At W.Va. Airport Back With Family in Jackson

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Suspicion about bottles found in the onetime Jackson woman's carry-on luggage Thursday led airport officials to detail the 28-year-old and shut down Tri-State Airport near Huntington, W.Va.

The airport remained shut down and the woman remained detained for hours as federal officials tested what was found in those bottles. The bottles eventually tested negative for explosives and the FBI told reporters the woman was free to go.

She was expected to fly home the following day.

But a spokeswoman for US Airways told News 10 sister station WSAZ-TV the FBI refused to let the woman leave on her scheduled 1 p.m. flight Friday.

A spokesman for the FBI called it a "mutual decision" between the FBI and the woman that "flying was not in her best interest because of the intense media attention."

The woman drove back home Friday to her family in Jackson, where she had lived for roughly six years. The woman moved to West Virginia last September with her husband.

Family members have suggested that the woman was targeted by authorities because the Pakistani native is Muslim and was wearing a traditional head scarf.

Still, the woman's mother says at this point, the family is just trying to figure out what exactly happened to her daughter.

She says the incident has exhausted the entire family, and they won't likely comment publicly for a few days.

(News 10 is not releasing the woman's name at the family's request.)