Portland Memorials

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Last December 24-year-old David Huhn was killed in an explosion while serving in Iraq. Close to a year later his family is hoping to honor him as well as all the others who've served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Vietnam.

His uncle Jeff Helmel says, "People, when they see these memorials they'll know again that freedom does not come free. It comes at a cost and the cost is either the lives of our veterans being killed over there or just our veterans serving over there."

The two memorials will be located at the Two Rivers Park in downtown Portland. The first one, honoring those who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be unveiled and dedicated October 1st.

There is a benefit dinner scheduled for Sunday, August 20th to raise funds for the memorials. It will be at the Portland Conservation Club from 1-5pm. For more information call (517)647-4607.