More Accidents in Construction Zones

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The latest accident happened along the I-96 construction zone near Cedar Street in Lansing.

"Ironically, this was just past a sign that says, 'Slow down: Watch for slower traffic," Lansing Fire Captain John Dyer said of Friday's accident.

Dyer says it's one of many in the area recently.

And in the construction zone just a few minutes east along U.S. 127? Lansing Township Police Chief Kay Hoffman reports 14 accidents -- in the first two weeks of August alone.

"So here we are ... not even halfway through the month with our stats and we're already over our normal monthly accidents," Hoffman said.

Hoffman says road rage has become an issue on the stretch, with drivers taking frustrations out on others. She says some of the cases have led to assault charges.

East Lansing has seen a simliar spike in traffic accidents on its stretch of U.S. 127: Five accidents on Wednesday, four on Thursday.

You might think the problem is worst during rush hour, but East Lansing Police Sgt. Bill Mitchell says many problems happen when drivers approach construction zones at a high speed because traffic is light.

"(Drivers) see it narrows right down. They're kind of limited on what they can do and where they can go," Mitchell said.

So he says police are working with state transportation officials to rearrange those infamous orange barrels to better alert drivers of the construction.

Until those changes are made, all the emergency responders News 10 spoke with say drivers should know there's construction -- and they just need to be patient.

"All it takes is one person to not pay attention enough that it's going to start three or four people behind them into an accident as well," Dyer said.

A theory police and fire officials say has been proven time and time again this construction season.