Parents of detained Pakistani Woman Say "It's a Misunderstanding"

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Samia and Mian Qayyum spoke exclusively to News Ten after their daughter had been detained at a West Virginia airport suspected of carrying explosives in her luggage.

"It's definitely a misunderstanding," said Samia, emotional thinking about her 28-year old pregnant daughter Rima being questioned by federal agents for hours on end Thursday. Rima has been through something traumatic recently, Samia says, and was on her way home for a visit.

She'd only bought her plane ticket to Detroit on Wednesday evening and was scheduled to arrive Thursday afternoon. Rima never made it home. She had "suspicious" liquids in her luggage and was detained while the airport was evacuated. Samia says she believes airport screeners found face cream her daughter uses, bleach based creams she didn't know she wasn't supposed to have her in carry-on luggage.

Mian, Rima's father, says his Pakistani-American daughter was targeted and humiliated.

Rima lived in Jackson for about six years before she moved to Huntington, West Virginia with her husband last September shortly after they were married. She is four months pregnant and was substitute teaching in West Virginia.

News Ten learned late Thursday evening, from the Qayyum's, Rima has been cleared and released. They say she will be placed on a flight to Michigan Friday.