High School Sports Discrimination Case

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A panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati upheld a lower court ruling for the second time, saying Michigan high school athletic schedules discriminate against girls. This after a 1998 federal lawsuit filed against the Michigan High School Athletic Association by two mothers of Grand Rapids-area female athletes. It said girls were discriminated against in recruiting and scholarships because their seasons didn't match college athletic seasons.

Locally, students and coaches at Waverly High School in Delta Township say they're against changing schedules. They say there will be major problems scheduling practice and games if boys and girls have the same seasons.

The MHSAA says the ruling will not affect sport schedules this school year. It released a statement saying it is studying its options following the ruling, including a possible rehearing. If it doesn't win an appeal, the MHSAA will have to change its sports schedules, particularly for girls' basketball and volleyball.