Revitalizing Neighborhoods

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It's not often you see an entire house on wheels, let alone being jacked up, house that was once situated on a different plot on the other side of the road.

But according to Ingham County Commissioner Debbie DeLeon, "We want to be able to renovate where necessary and turn it over into safe affordable housing that's owner occupied."

The two-story home which used to sit on property now owned by the Demmer Corportation, took just about 20 minutes to move a block and a half up the street.

Former owner of the home Jim Bowden says, "They'll slide it across the hole. They'll build up cribbing, slide, and adjust it so it's right where we want it to be."

It's the first in a series of projects the Ingham County Land Bank plans to tackle. DeLeon says the authority intends to take tax foreclosed properties and homes within the county in order to revitalize the area.

"That gives us a real opportunity to have an impact in some of the neighborhoods. Some of these homes might be red-tagged or whatever. We'll be demolishing some of them. Whatever is warranted."

Currently the Land Bank owns 34 of the 76 foreclosures in Ingham County, 80 percent of which are in the city of Lansing.