Waverly Safety Assembly

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44, 37, 45…

A traffic speed gauge sits where the flower and balloon memorial for Jasmine Miles once was. Miles is the 13-year-old girl who died trying to cross St. Joe Highway on her way home from school two weeks ago.

40, 42, 35…

While the machine keeps drivers honest about their speeds, Waverly Middle School administrators are making sure their students are also aware of the traffic laws and how to stay safe when they're crossing the road.

Members from the Eaton County Sheriff's Department and school officials held an assembly at Waverly Middle School Wednesday morning to teach kids to be patient when they're trying to cross the road.

Officials say it takes a car traveling at 40 mph about 50 yards to stop in adequate time if a kid steps into the middle of the road. That's why officials are encouraging students to use the crosswalk at all times.

Meanwhile, school, township and road officials are still discussing the possibility of installing skywalks and additional bus routes in the area.