Barricades Go Up in Genesee Neighborhood

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The "no right turn" sign is going up on the corner of Genesee Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It's a warning reminding cars they won't be able to turn down Genesee Street for the next 90 days.

Police and road officials are putting up barricades all over the Genesee community to help slow down traffic and reduce the sale of drugs in the area.

Some neighbors with small children say the barricades will force traffic out of the community and make the streets safer for kids, but others say the barricades will be an inconvenience - making it difficult for residents to get in and out of the neighborhood when they're trying to go to and from work.

A few residents suggest police increase their neighborhood patrols to help reduce the drug situation.

Police say the barricades are just an experiment and will be in place for only 90 days. At that point, they will assess whether crime in the area has been reduced as a result of the barricades.

Authorities say neighborhoods efforts significantly have reduced crime in the Genesee community over the last fifteen years.

Barricades will be in place in the following locations:
* Sycamore Street at Saginaw Street
* Lapeer Street at Pine Street
* Genesee Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
* Genesee Street at Pine Street