69th District Race

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Democrat Mark Meadows spent ten years on the East Lansing City Council. Now he's on his way, running as the Democratic Candidate for the 69th District.

"I'm going to just fight for the people of this district as hard as I can on the issues that are important. We've got to bring jobs here. We have to improve the economy."

Tuesday evening, Democrat Mary Lindemann was in high spirits and optomistic about the day's primary results.

"I feel great. I think we ran a textbook campaign. We had a great message. It was about clean water. It was about environmental protection. It was about the schools, MSU. It was about building jobs, everything we care about."

Friends and family gathered at her home in East Lansing to celebrate a successful campaign and a hopeful win. But it didn't happen.

"I had a great time running. But I'm perfectly happy working for others who share my values. That's what I'll do."

So for Lindemann it's time to move on from a house seat just beyond her reach. The County Clerk plans to make the primary results official by 1pm Wednesday.