Fast Food Alternatives

fast food

The hottest fast food alternative to a hamburger and fries may be those healthy looking salads but you may find something surprising when checking out those nutrition labels.

Lunch on the run means fast food for most of us but now people have the option of getting salads to go. But are those salads any more healthy then the hamburgers you buy.

At Wendy's the big bacon classic has meat, bacon and cheese while the chicken salad is topped with mandarin oranges, roasted almonds and sesame dressing. Because of those extras also comes a lot of fat and calories. A Wendy’s burger has 570-calories and 29-grams of fat less than the big bacon classic salad at 590-calories and 35-grams of fat.

At McDonalds the crispy chicken California cobb salad has more fat than a quarter pounder. And for moms who think a salad is less fattening than their child's happy meal think again. The hamburger and small fries has fewer calories and less fat grams than a salad.