Sorting Out Which Allergy Medication Works for Us

Stores shelves have scores of new allergy medications this year. The problem is how to sort out which ones will work for us.

Doctors say when looking for over the counter allergy medications to start simple by choosing products that contain just one drug. Drugs that may just treat allergy symptoms and not ones that may treat a variety of symptoms like headaches, pain and congestion.

Allergy specialists urge parents specifically to be very careful not to overmedicate children. The older antihistamines like Diphenhydramine can be very sedating and the decongestants like Psuedephdrine are strong stimulants especially if kids drink caffinated beverages.

While over the counter allergy drugs work well for mild symptoms some patients need stronger help, such as Flonase and Zyrtec.

Patients who symptoms keep them up at night or who are coughing need a doctor's attention. The bottom line is to read the package labels.