Gas Prices Expected to Climb Higher

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The nation's largest oil field, located in Alaska, is shutting down due to corrosion in a pipeline. So the United States could lose up to eight percent in its oil supply causing gas prices to go up yet again.

According to AAA, Lansing's average price for a gallon of gas is $3.17. That's up about $0.70 from the same time last year. And for consumers like Anne Domino, who drives a van that takes about $100 to fill, that means cutting things out that aren't necessary.

"We do stop going to restaurants. There's a lot of little things the kids don't get quite as much or I don't pick them up from school as much as I used to."

Stillwater Grill in Okemos is also feeling the pain of high gas prices. Manager Damian Sloam says people are cutting back on expensive items, like the porterhouse steak.

"Our weekend sales have dropped and that's a time when restaurants normally make the money. So I think people are just staying home on the weekends and saving money."