Memorial Day Services

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Memorial Day is a day of rememberance for those who died in service. In Lansing Saturday there were a number of ceremonies to remember those soldiers.
At Evergreen Cemetary, American Legion Commander Marilyn Britten gave the keynote address. She's the first woman to give the address at this ceremony, but she says that's not why she was asked to speak. Britton says it's her record of service, and she says the service of soldiers in Iraq and around the world should also be remembered this weekend.
The Lansing Fire Department also remembered fire fighters who died in the line of duty and retired fighters who've passed away in the last year. While Memorial Day traditionally honors fallen soldiers, the Fire Dept. has been remembering its members for the last 20 years.
Memorial Day was originally May 30th, but is now celebrated on the last Monday in May. Traditional observances include placing flags on soldiers' graves, flying the flag at half staff until noon, and taking a moment of silence at three p.m.