U.S. Senate Hopefuls Stump in Mid-Michigan

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The two Republicans vying to face U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow were in mid-Michigan for some last-minute campaigning Friday. The two will face voters in the Tues., Aug. 8 primary.

Suburban Detroit minister Keith Butler was joined by key Republicans U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers and Atty. Gen. Mike Cox at Life Changers Christian Center in southwest Lansing.

"I put forth an economic plan for Michigan and for America. I put forth a healthcare plan for Michigan and for America," Butler said. "I'm someone who has a background of making sure that we have quality education because I have a background in education."

Butler previously served on the Detroit City Council, but he says he has the necessary experience to serve in the U.S. Senate.

"I've been to 22 nations around the world. I've been to the Islamic countries," Butler said.

He faces fellow Republican Michael Bouchard. Butler says voters would rather see someone come from outside the world of politics -- unlike his opponent, whom Butler calls a career politician.

Bouchard, who's currently the Oakland County Sheriff, says he sees his political experience as a plus, citing his involvement in writing and passing the state's sex offender law and various tax cuts.

The former state legislator says the economy is his top priority.

"Only two states other than Michigan have lost jobs two consecutive years and they were hit by a hurricane. We're in a position where we need dramatic change," Bouchard said, after a campaign stop in Mason for the Ingham County Fair.

He says securing the border is likely the second most critical issue facing Michigan and the country.

As for incumbent Stabenow, Bouchard says she's a nice person, but ineffective as a leader.

The winner of the race between Bouchard and Butler will take on Stabenow in November.

The two face off in the primary on Tuesday, August 8. Registered voters can vote in any one, and only one, party's primary.

That is to say, those choosing between Butler and Bouchard, for example, won't be able to choose among the Democrats running for the state legislature in the 68th and 69th districts in and around Lansing.