Walberg v. Schwarz

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"Hello Janice! Tim Walberg here," the former state representative says Friday, working the phones in his campaign office. "I sure would appreciate your support for my candidacy."

It's Campaign 101 in primary season: Find your supporters, and get them to the polls.

"I'm a conservative both economically, fiscally, and traditional values," Walberg says.

He's stuck to that one message in the run up to August, focusing on the differences between him and his opponent. He's pro-life, against gay marriage, and very conservative on spending at the federal level.

Rep. Schwarz, spends his Friday morning, taking a kind of break from the campaign trail.

He's keynote speaker at a naturalization ceremony in Jackson, just one stop of many as he travels the district with a message of his own.

"It's not a time for on the job training in congress. The issues are too momentous," Schwarz tells News Ten, before the ceremony.

His experience includes two tours with the Navy and one with the CIA. He was mayor of Battle Creek, and a state senator. He's been a physician for thirty years.

He says his job now is to improve our state's economy. It's a pitch he's taking to the voters in these final days.

It's non-stop to Tuesday for both.

The 7th district includes Eaton, Jackson, Hillsdale, Lenawee, Branch, Calhoun, and parts of Washtenaw counties.