Lansing-based 363rd Heads Off to Traning, Kuwait

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Their near-deafening call resounded throughout the armory: "Who we be? 3-6-3!"

The 363rd Personnel Service Detachment is headed to Kuwait, after soldiers go through roughly two months of training at Ft. McCoy, Wis.

While in the Middle East, they'll be processing soldiers and airmen coming in and out of the war zone.

"[The soldiers] will be with us for, like, two days, so we'll see emotion going and coming [from Iraq]," Sgt. Vincent Williams said.

Soldiers like Williams, of course, are dealing with their own emotions as they prepare to leave their families for at least a year.

"That's the hardest part of all," Spc. Lorri Kerr told News 10.

Kerr says she'll miss her family, but she says they, too, are prepared.

"They know what chores to do," Kerr said with a laugh.

That sense of preparedness is matched only by a sense of willingness to do what these soldiers say they signed up for.

"It's an adventure. I'm excited," Pfc. Keana Aimery said.

Aimery is leaving behind siblings, her father and her mother. Ivory Aimery says more than anything, she's proud of her daughter. So how does she see her daughter coping with life in a war zone?

"She has the most important thing. And that's God," Ivory Aimery said.

An asset many families say will help them as they see brothers, sisters, spouses, daughters and sons off to war.

"I have a strong faith and I believe he's coming back in better shape than he was," Darla Adams said of her soldier son.

A prayer likely echoed by soldiers and their families as they say goodbye.