Ambulances in Construction

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News 10 is on board with Mercy ambulance, when paramedics get a call.

An elderly woman at an Okemos rehab center is fading, her condition so bad nurses feel it's time for the hospital to step in.

"Normally, we would shoot down 127, to 96, to Okemos Road," Mercy paramedic Autumn Millerov says."

The ambulance is north, on Highway 127 in Clinton County. That best route to the patient? Well, with this construction, it is simply not an option.

"It's back to back traffic, no where for these people to go," Millerov says.

Instead, we travel I-69, and through Okemos--that is, until the ambulance finds more construction at Dobie Road.

Millerov calls back to dispatch at Mercy. They usually warn driveres about construction, but weren't aware this project would be an issue.

It's at least an 8 minute delay.

The good news is that the patient is not critical, and the time doesn't damage her health. The ambulance is an emergency room on wheels. She's comfortable, and she's safe.

The problems though are everywhere. Highways 127, I-96, Business 27, and roads outside both Sparrow and Ingham hospitals are all under construction.

The Tri-County Medical Control Authority does not track times, but drivers say, no question, they are being delayed by construction.